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London, UK

The Advertising Producers Association was formed by and represents the interests of production companies, post production and VFX and editing companies making commercials. The APA’s objective is to create the best possible business environment for our members to operate in.

History of the APA
The APA was formed as the AFPA, an adjunct to the British Film Producers Association (BFPA), in 1978 and became the AFVPA in 1982, which it was known as until 2000. Then, as now, the UK (and specifically London) was a global centre for the production of commercial films. Commercials production companies wanted an organisation to champion their interests and provide them with advice and other services.

The APA today
The APA helps provide a framework within which members can manage their key business relationships. The standard production agreement is the basis on which production companies are engaged by advertising agencies. Our work with the agencies association, the IPA, addresses production issues and enables us to help members resolve disputes. Members are provided with recommended terms for engaging crew. We routinely advise on issues such as copyright, insurance, contractual issues and foreign service companies. In addition to those core services the APA now promotes its members through the APA Show and aims to promote TV commercials as an advertising medium.

Key services
A legal framework through which to operate - the production agreement.
Recommended terms for engaging crew.
A telephone advice service on the operation of the standard production agreement, arrangements with crew and production issues.
Training, including the Masterclass Programme for the producers of the future.
Legal advice on production issues including contracts with overseas agencies and service companies.
Advice on current issues, such as terrorism and client wrap-up insurance.
A forum through members’ meetings and producers’ clubs for members to raise issues which the APA can then take up with the IPA, unions, suppliers, etc.
Advice and representation on disputes. The standard production agreement provides a disputes procedure; in instances where a member has a dispute with an agency, the APA will advise and represent their member through the mediation and arbitration processes.
Advice on: copyright, directors’ agreements, employment law and health & safety, including draft agreements on the APA’s website
Advice and seminars on new technology and its impact on commercials productions with the APA Technology Group.
A recruitment service for member companies who need production staff through the recruitment centre on
The APA Show
The APA Show takes place each autumn. It features the APA Collection, a compendium of the best UK commercials of the year selected by a distinguished panel of judges. Last years APA Collection premiered at One Marylebone. It was a celebration of the excellence of commercials made by UK production companies, and was a demonstration of the responsibility taken by APA members to promote television commercials.

It has established itself as one of the most important events in the advertising industry calendar. The APA Collection is then used to promote commercials production and the UK advertising industry worldwide through the book and DVD of the APA Collection and events which have included screenings of the APA Collection in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Post Production & Editing
The APA now has post production and editing companies as members. This enables the APA to speak for commercials production in its widest sense. It enables our post production and editing members to address issues specific to those sectors and to gain greater intelligence about the issues commercials producers are facing (and which the APA is helping them to address).

APA Branded Content Group
The APA now encompasses Branded Content- the methods of reaching consumers with audio visual communication that are now open to advertisers, in addition to television and cinema- virals, interactive, advertainment, ad funded programming and mobile phones. See APA Branded Content Group in the index for more information.

APA Music Production Group
Companies producing music for commercials have formed the APA Music Production Group, which will give a higher profile to this important aspect of commercials production. See APA Music Production Group in the index.

How does the APA work?
The APA operates from its offices in Soho through its Chief Executive Stephen Davies and his colleague Nicki Masterson, (PR & Marketing Director).

The Chief Executive formulates policy in conjunction with the joint Chairmen, John Hackney and Lewis More O’Ferrall. The Council of Members is a fifteen – strong group, drawn from and elected by member companies, which makes policy decisions.


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