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Pretzel Films

Company Type
Production Company
London, England

The art of good direction..

Each year we sign up a new young director. We employ them full time. We invest in developing this young talent as part of the Pretzel team. We have been doing it for 7 years.

In 3 years, a Pretzel director will have made more than 40 films. That’s more than some directors shoot in a decade. They will have developed their own craft skills, creativity and professional confidence. Their talent will already be influencing those around them.

This is why; when we talk about young talent at Pretzel we mean talent that is young and already experienced. We develop directors who are confident and have individual ability. We believe they are already starting to change the industry they are working in.

We believe we have a strong culture at Pretzel. And we are proud of it. We retain a unique mix of youth and experience that allows us to support, mentor and grow the very best new talent throughout the company. And we have a strong and excitingly diverse production team – developed and nurtured by our department heads, each hugely experienced in their own right.

At Pretzel we have consistently delivered award-winning films. Many have been recognised by the industry, others praised internally. We are proud of each and every one.

We take pleasure in doing what we do and doing it well. But above all we keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. We make clear decisions and talk through problems to find solutions. And know that sometimes we all need to listen to good advice from wiser heads.

Pretzel Films

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Sam LeGassick
020 7580 9595

People at Pretzel Films