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Straight 8

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London, UK

straight 8 invites anyone anywhere to make a short film on one cartridge of super 8 — without editing. the first time filmmakers see their film is at one of our awesome worldwide premieres, like at our infamous cannes film festival screening.

straight 8 began in 1999 when a bunch of people accepted a challenge to make a short turnaround, no budget, three minute film on a single cartridge of super 8 without editing, but with a cinema audience guaranteed.

over time straight 8 grew and great things have happened — like our annual event at cannes and cannes advertising festival, screening in great cinemas and even on tv.
the experimental spirit is still there but the films started becoming a lot more polished and clever. and more and more people have joined in — close to a thousand straight 8's have been made now. that's a lot of stories that might still be in heads or on paper but are now in the can and that makes us smile.

the deadline for 2012 is march 31st.
anyone, anywhere can enter straight 8 at

Straight 8

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Will Cummock