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James Sindle

James Sindle, Director, ETC
James Sindle
Job Grade
Stockport, England


James studied design at Kingston University before training in CG at Escape studios. Upon completion of his course James joined the Mill in 2007 and quickly became a senior operator leading multiple award winning commercials such as:

Drench “Brains”;
Hovis “Go On Lad”;
Virgin “Backlot”;
Cadburys “Cocoa Beams”;
All with Ringan Ledwidge who was the UK's Number 1 director in 2009 and 2010.

Audi “Lines”; with Lynn Fox,
Ford “Focus” with Raf Wathion
Sky HD;
Weetabix “Steeplechase”
Lynx / Axe “Fallen Angels”
James quickly built a large and loyal client base while establishing himself as one of the most admired and influential figures in the 3D world, In 2009 he became joint deputy head of 3D, the largest growth department at the Mill London, where he helped build and inspire their quickly growing department while also working on projects such as Lynx/Axe “Fallen Angels”.