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Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts, Director, 2AM
Joe Roberts
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Due to ill-advised ‘in-camera’ pyrotechnic visual effects, Joe burnt a hole in the roof of his house at the age of 13, shooting his first short film ironically entitled ‘Fire-God’!

Since then Joe has honed his directing talents, and now specialises in cinematic documentary style films, with his signature thread of wry humour.

He is a natural storyteller, and gleans great performances from both real people, actors and celebrities alike.

Joe’s comedy timing is effortlessly on point, he captures authenticity incredibly well, and infuses realism and improvisation to create naturally memorable and moving moments on film.

He loves comedy, music and poetry, all of which have informed his unique style.

Joe’s long form comedy documentary for EA’s ’The Quest For The Best’ with Lloyd Griffith aired on Sky Sports 1 and online racked up over 3 millions views on YouTube.

Finally, we are relieved to report that Joe’s shoots have been fire free since 1993…