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Justin Meredith

Justin Meredith, Director, Thornberg & Forester
Justin Meredith
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Thornberg & Forester


As a co-founding partner and a Creative Director of Thornberg & Forester, Justin Meredith is charged with ensuring that T&F remains a hub for creative innovation. He is a firm believer that treating people, and their talents, with respect will consistently yield higher quality work.

Often frustrated with the limited industry perceptions of the term “Design,” Justin sees the word as encompassing and connoting much more than something merely graphic. He maintains that design could simply consist of coming up with and fully realizing an exciting idea from start to finish. He sees great design as anything which is thoughtfully created, whether it is a creative budget, film, written work, recipe, or even how people choose to arrange the pictures on their walls. This sentiment is reflected in Justin’s versatility and wide range of creative and strategic skills.

Justin’s interdisciplinary approach to design also translates to how he thinks about visuals in general. While Justin loves the emotional impact of the singular image, he finds it equally astonishing when a series of these decisive instances come together to tell a new story. He plays a role in almost every creative area at T&F but focuses on directing live action and animation, editing, photography and design. Justin has designed and directed a diverse body of work for a vast array of clientele including spots for Target, AICP, Microsoft Zune, Movies On Demand, the network launch of Discovery Channel’s Planet Green and branding materials for the Playstation 3 Network.

Justin is also an artist whose work has appeared in the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of Art, and the Tokyo Auto Show. He has received awards from the BDA, One Show, Print Magazine, and ADC Young Guns 7.