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Michael Wright

Michael Wright, Director, th1ng th2ng
Michael Wright
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‘Michael will never achieve anything unless he stops drawing those ridiculous stories in pictures in his school books...’ David Brody, Headmaster Woodford Secondary School, 1971.

Michael came from a non-showbiz family and had to wait a while to realise his filmmaking dreams, finally making his first film ‘G.I. Joe on Fire in a Tank’ when he was 10 years old. The follow-up ‘Barbie Air Hostess on Fire in a Tank’ proved less popular, particularly with his sister.

After studying sculpture and film making at University, Michael began his career in the industry as a production designer, working on Nick park’s Academy Award winning short ‘Creature Comforts’ and the multi-award winning Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ promo.

Michael has now learned to stop fiddling with the wallpaper and concentrate on directing movies and commercials using live action, animation and visual effects.