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Inspiring Youth With Animated Video Created By Nucco Brain For The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

20 March 2018

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation appointed Nucco Brain to create a video that inspires young generations to get involved with the program.

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a youth awards program founded in the UK in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The award recognises adolescents and young adults for completing a series of self-improvement exercises. There are around 300,000 participants annually across 144 nations and the program involves more than 1800 organisations across UK- schools.

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The Nucco Brain team collaborated with the communications team of the award on their new campaign "Discover You". We produced a short video trailer presenting the award alongside visual assets for their social media platforms. Starting with defining the visual style, we then created created a storyboard based on the script written with the award's communication team. This storyboard served as the blueprint for the animated video.

"Nucco Brain are a fantastic agency that I would highly recommend. They are very quick at understand briefs and interpret them in a way that is both creative yet in line with your company brand" - Marianna Davis - Communications Manager at the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award


Stefano Perrelli - Art Director
Natasha Wheatley - Account Manager
Ryan Lovelock - Art Director & Storyboard Artist
Camilla Zucchi - Production Manager
Lorenzo Nuti - Illustrator
Nicholas Edmonson - Animator
Mindaugas Suchockas - Animator
Mathilda Holmqvist - Illustrator
Jo Dertili - Illustrator

Learn more about ‘Discover You’:

Managing Director

Contact Name
Stefano Marrone
+44 (0)20 7688 1089

Marketing Manager

Contact Name
Hilary Taylor
+44 (0)20 7688 1089