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Joint & RSA Films Invite People To Get Lost In VUE’s First Ever Brand Film

10 January 2020

Vue, Joint and RSA Films have created a new film that celebrates the power of big screen entertainment whilst shining a light on the overwhelming distractions in all of our everyday lives.

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Modern life is full of distractions. We’re all connected, all the time, to the little screens we carry in our pockets. And amazing though it is to be able to tweet while we shop while we chat while we game while we watch, the rise in phone-based health issues along with the popularity of the mindfulness movement show that people are searching for an antidote to being online all the time. People need to Get Lost.

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New research commissioned by Vue and University College London, shows that a trip to the cinema can be more than just an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours, it can actually be good for us too.
The study shows that the cinema experience has profound cognitive, emotional and psychological benefits. It can boost memory, productivity and focus, help to alleviate depression and loneliness and even help keep your heart healthy by raising the heart rate to a level similar to doing a light form of cardio exercise. This research backs up what Tim Richards, the Founder of Vue, has long believed to be true, that cinema is precious and necessary escapism that enriches our everyday lives.
It’s why Vue has invested so much to create the ultimate Big Screen Experience, with t​he ultimate seat, screen and sound.
This new film, ‘Get Lost’ highlights Vue’s point of view about the value of taking a break from life’s distractions and getting lost in great stories.

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Directed by Jake Scott of RSA Films, voiced by John Boyega (of Star Wars fame) and featuring a very special cameo, the two and a half minute film, shot over six days in South Africa and London, positions​ Vue as the only place you can properly get lost in great stories.

As a treat for real cinema lovers, as well as its main message, the film has been loaded with a variety of ‘easter eggs’ (hidden film references).
The campaign kicks off in January (the month in which people arguably feel most in need of the kind of benefits a trip to the cinema can give) in every Vue screening in the UK and Ireland, reaching over 40+ million people each year and will be rolled out across channels including social and OOH, as well as other markets globally.
Director Jake Scott says: "It’s never been more important to find time to switch off from the incessant distractions of the modern world - and to get lost in a great story. I really believe in the power of cinema and the collective experience and so do Vue. They offer a sanctuary from the modern world: a place to enjoy great stories told by brilliant filmmakers.

John Boyega commented:
"Obviously we want our movies to be seen in a certain way, and I was really excited to hear that was the story for this amazing project with Vue. I'm a big cinema goer, I love seeing movies on the big screen and it's great that this film motivates the audience to do just that."

Jack Brough, Joint Partner and creative commented:
It’s easy to get on board with Vue’s belief that there is a mental and even physical benefit in giving yourself fully to a great story on the big screen. The constant presence and interruptions of phones mean we’re forever multi-tasking. Clearly we all do it. So, it was important not to be preachy or worthy about the message. We needed to create a campaign with humour. Jake Scott brought a fluid, cinematic vision that couldn’t be a more compelling argument in support of the power of getting lost in big screen entertainment.

Tim Richards, Vue International Founder and CEO commented:
As a new decade arrives, switching off from our day-to-day distractions has never been more important. ​This campaign was born out of our passionate belief that getting lost in a story and moments of cinematic magic are not just fun, but also good for you. ​Jake and John were the perfect collaborators and I’m delighted in the way they have brought our shared belief to life in the film.

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Client - Vue
Agency - Joint
Production Company - RSA Films
Director - Jake Scott
Producer - Garfield Kempton
DOP - Mark Patten
Editing - Final Cut - Dan Sherwen
Sound - Factory - Phil Bolland
Composer - Alex Bingham at Machine
Music Producer - Matej Oreskovic at Machine
Post-production/visual effects - Electric Theatre Collective
Colourist - Luke Morrison
2D Lead - Giles Cheetham
3D Lead - Dean Robinson
2D Artists - Ozgur Taparl, Tomer Epshtein, Flavio Kawamoto, CJ Gaikwad 3D Artists - George Savvas, Felix Chan, Jake Cross + Marko Mamula DMP - Rich Tilbury
AFX -Dexter George, George Dyson, Matt Clugston, Matthew Rowley Producer: Antonia Vlasto