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MSE.TV’S Tim Thornton-Allan Helps To Build SKY Cinema's ‘12 Days Of Idris’

04 December 2019

Marshall Street Editors worked closely with Sky Creative and the production teams to create Sky Cinema’s new Christmas film ’12 Days of Idris’.

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The main editorial challenge for this project was to match the timings of the song to the shoot rushes and MSE spent a considerable amount of pre-production time, cutting the track down to length and scouring feature films for clips that complemented the lyrics, to create a backdrop for Idris Elba to match on set.

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Editor Tim Thornton-Allan "This was such a fun project to work on with Ne-O. What made it interesting was the sheer amount of prep on the track that was required before the shoot.
It’s impossible to perfectly match a placeholder to the actual action and the edit was constantly in flux, so we recorded scratch singing in the suite to match the ever changing picture. Once we had a final match of the song with the film clips in the offline, Idris performed the track to act as a guide for his performance on set. As we’d completed over 80% of the work prior to the shoot, with a lot of liaison with Dave at Molecular Sound, everything neatly slotted into place by the time we got the rushes and we’re all really pleased with the final film.


Client: Sky Creative
Creatives: Al Austin, Jason Gormley & Basile Cuvelier
Producer: Ciaran Bennett
Production Company: Stink Films
Directors: Ne-O
Producer: Juliet Naylor
Edit House: MSE.TV
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan
Assistant Editor: Chris Walker
Post Production: Framestore, ENVY & Molecular Sound

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