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1800 Long Exposures for 1 short film

27 September 2016

Extreme patience, and two VERY patient actors. That’s what it took to bring you ‘Un Petit Tour Dans Paris’ - a 90 second short film by ‘LOVE’ roster director Maxime Baudin. Shot over two days, using 1800 (!!) separate 2.5 second exposures.

Image TitleUn Petit Tour Dans Paris

To add to the amazing attention to detail, the actors had to do incremental movements and stay totally motionless during each long exposure while following chalk lines laid out by the director.

The end result is absolutely awesome. A truly charming journey through one of the worlds great cities - all shot on a Canon 7d! For more on Maxime, contact Matt Francis at LOVE.

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Phil Dupée
+44 (0) 20 7636 6648