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1stAveMachine Signs Animation Collective BRUT

08 October 2018

Mixed Media Production company 1stAveMachine have signed animation collective BRUT for director representation.

The BRUT director roster covers a full spectrum of animation styles such as sculptural CG, 2D and 3D animation, graphics, stop motion and illustration.

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The collective is founded by 1stAveMachine rostered Director Martin Allais, and EP Maud Beckers. Allais, who passionately believes that strong design informs story telling beyond words and actions, has created award-winning work for Oreo and Samsung, and worked with agencies all over the world. Co-founder Maud Beckers produced work with Argentinian animators Punga, and then moved to Amsterdam to launch Not To Scale.

The collective’s name is a nod to the traditional frame-to-frame animation process that starts by roughly drawing each frame on paper - and getting your hands dirty by ink or pencil. It can also mean rough or bold or handcrafted.

1stAveMachine MD and EP, Isabella Parish said: “I am thrilled to represent these talented young artists under the leadership of Martin Allais, a firm favourite among our roster of directors. He will support the team with a solid understanding of commercial production and story telling that will bring out the best in their creativity”.

BRUT EP, Maud Beckers added: “1stAveMachine is known for its excellence in bringing creative solutions to production challenges. These often involve collaborations between directors to create these solutions as often 1+1=3. BRUT has this same philosophy, as we function as a collective of directors. We are excited about this new chapter for the collective”.


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Isabella Parish
0203 206 6450