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1stAveMachine’s Espadaysantacruz Harness the Innovation of Ford Lane-Keeping Technology to Aid Peaceful Slumber

23 February 2019

Bed Hoggers of the World watch out!

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The ‘Lane-Keeping Bed’ is a unique bed designed to help aid restful sleep inspired by Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid technology found in most Ford vehicles to a product design concept.

Created by 1stAveMachine’s Espadaysantacruz with Ford agency GTB, it’s the next innovative and exclusive design by Espadaysantacruz, the Directing and Product Design collective, in the pan-European ‘Interventions’ campaign. The series of innovations help solve real life problems through innovations inspired by Ford technology. The films will be played out online and social media across Europe.

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According to sleep experts, we make between 12 and 20 positional changes during the course of the night, and unsurprisingly sleep deprivation is major problem in today’s modern life – and relationships. The Lane-Keeping bed uses motion control apparatus, a revolving mattress and pressure sensors to shift sleeping partners who roll out of position during the night, and invade their bedfellow’s space, back into their original position. The mattress automatically revolves to centre the errant sleeper, therefore aiding a restful sleep.

Available in most Ford vehicles, Lane-Keeping Aid monitors the road markings ahead and actively supports the driver to safely guide the vehicle back into the correct lane by “nudging” the steering wheel in the correct direction; this complements other camera-based systems that help drivers avoid inadvertently straying out of their lane.

Lane-Keeping Aid in our cars can make driving easier and more comfortable. We thought that showing how similar thinking could be applied to a bed, would be a great way to highlight to drivers a technology that they might not previously have been aware of,” said Anthony Ireson, director, Marketing Communications, Ford of Europe.

Juan Santa-Cruz, Director of Espadaysantacruz added: “We wanted to communicate the Ford Lane-Keeping technology in a funny, inspiring, beautiful, and tangible way. In this case we designed a bed that belongs to the family of products we have previously designed for the Interventions campaign. To use product design in brand content is a very exciting and it’s what we love creating.

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The next exclusive innovation by Espadaysantacruz in the Ford ‘Interventions’ series is due to follow later this year.

Production Company: 1staveMachine
Project Management: Nerea Goikoetxea, Juan Santa-Cruz
Technical Direction: Miguel Espada
Design: Alejandro Lopez Bravo, Carlos Delgado
Engineering: Miguel Espada, Alvaro Gordo Ruiz
Film Direction: Juan Santa-Cruz, Nerea Goikoetxea
DOP: Tulio Ferreira
Production Service: TRAMPOLINE
Production Manager: Nacho Perez de Guzman
Edit & Color grading at Espadaysantacruz Studio
Equipment: Welab + Adisar


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Isabella Parish
0203 206 6450