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3D Charmin Bears “Enjoy the Go” in New Campaign

27 September 2012

Publicis New York has partnered with Passion Pictures to produce a new campaign for the toilet paper brand Charmin. The two spots “Spooling” and “Laundry” airing on 6th August (TBC) feature the well loved family of bear characters, Molly and Leonard and the three bear siblings Bill, Amy and Dylan who are animated for the first time in CG. The spots were directed by Russell Brooke and devised by Publicis creatives Dan Cohen and Steven Emry. The bears were introduced as brand characters by Charmin in 2007, and are designed by Joanna Quinn.

Publicis NY approached leading character animation studio Passion Pictures to handle the transition of the Charmin bear characters from drawn, 2D characters into 3 dimensional CG characters, with fur. Director Russell Brooke was chosen for his skill in bringing charm and humour to the performance of animated characters. The animation was produced using XSI and V-Ray was chosen for rendering the premium soft bear fur.


“Laundry” features the Charmin Ultra Strong brand, which is indicated by red bears. We open on Molly in the family’s laundry room where she is folding the young bears’ clothes. The voice over explains that one of the ways parents can see how their children are growing up by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. As a quality product, Charmin Ultra Strong is 4 times stronger than the leading value brand and up to 4 times less can be used. The youngest bear Dylan appears at the end of the spot with the pack and says, “We all go – why not enjoy the go with Charmin Ultra Strong.”


“Spooling” features the blue bears representing Charmin Ultra Soft. Molly and Leonard are in the sitting room when Molly hears a noise coming from their bathroom. We cut to Dylan inside the bathroom surrounded by masses of toilet paper which is cascading out of the holder. He’s clearly enjoying feeling its soft texture. The voice over explains how Charmin Ultra Soft is made with extra cushions which make the paper soft and more absorbent and we can use 4 times less than the leading value brand. Dylan comes out of the bathroom and says to Leonard, “don’t worry – there’s plenty left for you dad!”

  • Client Procter & Gamble
  • Product Charmin Ultra Soft / Charmin Ultra Strong
  • Titles “Spooling” / “Laundry”
  • Agency Publicis NY
  • Agency Producer Jennifer Guliner
  • Production Company Passion Pictures
  • Director Russell Brooke
  • Producer Ryan Goodwin-Smith
  • Executive Producers Michael Adamo, Hugo Sands
  • Creative Consultant Joanna Quinn


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Hannah Kluman
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New York

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