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A-MNEMONIC Music compose theme for One Night With My Ex on Channel 5

25 April 2017

A-MNEMONIC have written the theme music for the new Channel 5 show “One Night With My Ex”.

Image TitleOne Night With My Ex

One Night With My Ex is a bold and compelling new series in which former couples spend the night alone in a rigged luxury apartment and decide whether to get back together, or go their separate ways for good. When it ends, every relationship has unfinished business—things you wished you had asked, things you wish you had known and things you never had the nerve to bring up.

Now you can… and put that nagging doubt to bed, or realise that you were in love all along and want to go back—all in 24 hours, totally alone together.

Three lively sets of couples are brought back together in a rigged swanky apartment for 24 hours to confront their past. So will these couples move on and find closure, or make up and rekindle lost love?

You can watch One Night With My Ex on Channel 5 every Wednesday at 10pm


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Rob Dunham
+44 (0)20 7700 7871