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A-MNEMONIC Return With Their Theme Music On Channel 5's Controversial “One Night With My Ex"

23 January 2018

A-MNEMONIC return with their theme music on Channel 5's controversial “One Night with My Ex“

One Night with My ExOne Night with My Ex

If you’re one of the many people who tune into ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Channel 5, then there’s a strong chance you’ve also seen at least a few minutes of ‘One Night With My Ex’ (Season 2). It’s not the usual dating show we’re all used to, with each episode seeing a former couple reunited for the evening, and it’s has got everyone at home talking again!

One Night with My ExOne Night with My Ex

The show’s theme music, titles and bumpers were written by A-MNEMONIC’s producer and songwriter Andrei Basirov aka Sugar Jesus. Andrei and A-MNEMONIC are renowned for writing the popular Love Island theme tune on ITV2.

This week’s show (16 January) saw Rosy and Joseph reunited - when it was revealed that they split because Joseph was unfaithful, he attempted to convince Rosy that “cheating is different for a girl”, before blaming her for the break-up. It’s no surprise that Rosy walked away!

One Night with My Ex continues Today at 10pm


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