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Aardman & Doner wrap up new ad for Discovery Foods

14 May 2012

Discovery FoodsDiscovery Foods

Aardman have partnered with creative agency Doner Advertising and Discovery Foods, one of the UK’s leading Mexican food brands, to create a gorgeous new national TV ad campaign for the brand’s NEW Perfect Fajita Kit.

The 20-second stop frame commercial will air on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May during a regional spot in Britain’s Got Talent, which is estimated to reach over 1.4 million viewers. The ad has been brought to life by Aardman director Daniel Cohen, who is an exciting new addition to Aardman stable of directors.

The ad, voiced by ‘Two Pints...’ star Natalie Casey, isn’t just about making fajitas - it’s about introducing the NEW Perfect Fajita Kit, which features 15% less cardboard than it’s predecessor whilst still containing the same quality contents. Set in a summer garden, the tantalisingly fresh ingredients make their way across the table in procession and pack away into the novel packaging which is designed for maximum convenience, minimum space. Aardman Director, Daniel Cohen says “With food, I always believe that working with the real product is best – viewers don’t want to see an artificial representation. Different types of foods are easier to animate than others and with this ad were fortunate to be able to use peppers, cherry tomatoes and onions – it helps that they are solid and not too squidgy! Colourful ingredients that can be animated in a dynamic and entertaining way are best.”

Each Kit contains a sachet of Fajita Seasoning Mix, Salsa and eight Soft Flour Tortillas. Quick and convenient, all consumers need to do is add fresh ingredients and their choice of meat to create the perfect fajita.

Craig Sammells, Marketing Manager at Discovery Foods, comments, “We wanted to bring something new, eye-catching and exciting to the market. With tortillas so soft we can roll them, Discovery is in the ideal position to launch the Perfect Fajita Kit and we’re delighted to bring our new TV ad campaign to screens across the country – hopefully encouraging even more consumers to indulge in more adventurous tastes that the whole family can enjoy!” The TV ad campaign will be supported by a comprehensive media plan, including outdoor advertising and online displays as well as social media channels including Facebook.

Also try, Discovery’s Enchilada, Fajita Mexican BBQ and Fajita Crumb kits

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