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All Hail the Hemporer! Erich and Kallman and 1stAveMachine’s Fantastical Quirky Campaign for the ‘Dankest Ale in the World’

05 June 2018

San Francisco based agency Erich and Kallman have created an animated launch campaign for Hemporer, the new HPA beer from New Belgium Brewery

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The quirky spots, being rolled out for digital and social, were directed by 1stAveMachine’s award-winning Animation Director, Will Samuel - a series of detailed collage cut-out animations, with their style sitting somewhere between Tolkien and Monty Python’s holy grail. Taking the humorous path, the spots focus on the beers unique pungent aroma resulting in the line ‘Behold the Dankness’.

The Hemporer character – which was created by Erich and Kallman - is a chilled-out, regal-looking character donning a leafy crown, a statement necklace and a long bushy moustache.

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Director, Will Samuel commented: “The Hemperor is a strong, playful, benevolent ruler of all things hemp so from the start I wanted to show off his kingdom in a truly spectacular light. The style of animation was directly influenced by the design. I think the cutout, stop motion effect enhanced the comic nature of the scripts. Using well-timed, simple, yet crafty movements, I found was enough to imbue the character with plenty of emotion and life.”

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The beer is made of hops and legally brewed with Colorado hemp but won't get you stoned. It’s classified as a “hemp pale ale,” with a lively 'weed' smell.


Client – New Belgium Brewing
VP Marketing – Shaun Belongie

Agency – Erich & Kallman
Creative Director – Eric Kallman
Art Director – Jason Goldberg
Copy Writer – Mike Cardamone
Producer – Marco Vidalis
Account Director – Julie Pfleger

Production – 1st Avenue Machine
Director – Will Samuel
Executive Producer – Isabella Parish
Producer – Mike Capon

Mix/Sound – Barking Owl
Audio Engineer – Patrick Navarre
EP – Damian Bayett
CD – Kelly Bayett
Producer – Ashley Benton

Music – Butter
EP- Anick Mayer
Producer – Stone Irr


Contact Name
Isabella Parish
0203 206 6450