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An edit house, without a house

17 May 2017

Imagine having access to the talent, support and experience of an in-house editor but available to you ‘out-of- house’ anywhere you want it in the world.

Image TitleFLOCK

Demand for accessibility and access in today’s fast moving film and advertising industry is becoming ever higher. With projects requiring the ability to be seen ‘there and then’. Production seems to be constantly on the move so why can’t post-production follow?

FLOCK offers a new approach to post production, a model that captures all you need in an edit house, wherever you need it. Consisting of a fantastic pool of talent; three core offline editors and an executive producer, each of them having come from in-house offline editing companies, working on commercials and films alike, thus bringing years of experience, support and passion for story telling, but this time without ‘a house’.

Editor and Partner at FLOCK, Alexandra Wood said:

“Our main aim is to respond to how our clients are working right now. The industry has changed, there are new models of commissioning which in turn lead to different client-to- maker relationships. And in this new landscape we saw an opportunity.”

Executive Producer and Partner at FLOCK, Arlinda Craven said: “There are some great post production houses of course, but we feel the landscape is changing. By setting up FLOCK without a fixed roof, we aim to answer your film briefs in a fluid,agile and mobile way.

Most crucially, just because you can set up an edit suite anywhere these days, doesn’t mean that you’re an editor. So, what we’re doing at FLOCK is bridging that gap. Giving you the upmost talent but fully mobile.”

In addition to FLOCK’s flexible approach to post production they have set-up a collaboration with post house CherryCherry VFX to offer VFX, onlining and grading to their clients. So should the project need it, this allows everything to be handled under one theoretical roof.

FLOCK are doing things in a new way, allowing clients to view post-production in a new light. “If we had a front door, it would be open for business.”