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Angell Sound provides audio for Burt’s Bees stunt film that shows a ‘world without bees is a world without flowers.’

04 July 2017

Image TitleBurt's Bees

Burt’s Bees tasked the content agency Drum to promote their #BringBackTheBees movement and raise awareness for the declining bee population.

The film, written by Drum’s creatives Madina Paulig and Tom Angell, the son of Angell Sound owner Nick Angell, presents a stark vision of a world without bees. Taking place in a pop-up florist on Kensington High Street, unsuspecting customers including the supermodel Winnie Harlow enter the shop and the flowers start to disappear one by one before the message ‘a world without bees is a world without flowers’ is finally revealed to them. Everything was captured with hidden cameras and microphones.

Angell Sound continued their long-standing relationship with Drum by doing the audio post for the film, harmonising the various conversations picked up by the hidden mics, the shop environment and the music into one seamless mix.

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