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Anguish and glory and the new Fireflies film by Chris Cairns show up in Cannes + other fresh videos from Partizan

25 June 2012

For Those Who Suffer, We Ride: a Fireflies Tour film by Chris Cairns

The annual Fireflies Tour to the Cannes Lions has taken place yet again. If you keep hearing about these two-wheeled charitable champions of the ad world but still aren't sure what they're all about, a new film from Chris Cairns will shed some light on the spectacle and anguish that is The Fireflies Tour, all in aid of leukaemia charity Leuka.

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Jesse John Jenkins signs with Partizan, shoots new Vaccines video

From breaking out as a pro skateboarder in the Santa Monica scene, to making his name as a fresh music photographer in London, shooting the likes of Adele, Jesse J, Florence + the Machine, the Vaccines, NERD and Kate Moss, to directing the new ‘No Hope’ video for The Vaccines. We're super excited to welcome Jesse John Jenkins to the Partizan family.

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Nima Nourizadeh and Samsung invite Britain to take part in the Olympics

With anticipation and energy building up around the upcoming Olympics in London, Samsung asked Nima Nourizadeh to invite all of Britain to experience in the games like never before. After all, it's not about winning, but taking part.

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Riding a BA jumbo jet through the streets of London

If you recall the magic and amazement you felt stepping into a plane for the first time as a kid, and take that up a notch (or several, in fact), you get the new Olympics sponsorship ad from BA, directed by Michael Geoghegan. Flying through the air at the speed of awesome is one thing, but taxiing in a jumbo jet through the streets of London, straight to the Olympics stadium, is something else altogether. Add ‘London Calling’ by The Clash into the mix, and, well, you get one unforgettable ad.

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Awkward dating gets more awkward

Just when you thought these awkward dates couldn't get more awkward, leave it to director Jim Owen to nudge them over that line. Shot as an online campaign, these four spots for Doing Something, a new UK-based dating site, will put anyone off from trying the dating game without signing up for Doing Something first.

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Jullien Brothers save puppies

With a playful yet touching puppet-based film for San Francisco-based SPCA, the Jullien Brothers take it upon themselves to save a bunch of puppies, educating the public about the inhumane practices of online puppy sales. All with a catchy tune you'll be humming all day long.

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