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Anna Fearon’s ‘The Muse’ Premieres on All 4 as Part of Black History Month

23 October 2019

London based Production company Greatcoat Films recently signed photographer and filmmaker Anna Fearon. They were impressed by Anna’s existing body of work that showcased her passion for celebrating people of colour, specifically people of the African Diaspora. Anna is also the editor and founder of print magazine Blue Magazine.

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As an upcoming director Anna’a work came to the attention of Random Acts, Channel 4's short film strand that is dedicated to the arts. Founded in 2011, the division breaks free from the conventions of arts broadcasting and seek directors who are committed to expanding the possibilities of film, provoke thought and play with form.

Anna wrote and presented a fully developed concept to Random Acts to sit within their Black History series. The film would explore her personal vision of being queer and a person of colour in a world that often misrepresents people in her position.

Anna created ‘The Muse’, an intimate short film that brings together a group that encompasses women and non binary people, as they discuss their common experience of being both queer and black.

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While reflected in a mirror each person presents a moment of introspective reflection as they share their personal view of themselves and how others and wider society perceive them.

Anna has selected a thoughtful and dynamic group made up of artists from varied disciplines. From dancers to filmmakers and writers to painters, each is carving their own identity while exploring their personal narratives.

The inspiring group share a vision of the future and indeed their own futures that is both hopeful and indeed joyous. The world they envision is a world we should all strive to exist within.

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Of her film Anna comments:

"The film for me is a moment of reflection for yourself rather than for others. The act of looking in the mirror is a private moment with yourself, of recognising yourself. As a queer person of colour you’re subjected to prejudgements, misrepresentation and lack there of. To me 'The Muse' is about self acknowledgement and of defining our own narratives. 'The Muse' is just a fragment of a much wider discourse of identity and intersectionality.

It has been exciting for me to explore my personal vision, without creative restrictions through the support of Random Acts.

On working with Anna, Catherine Bray at Random Acts says:

"It was a pleasure to commission The Muse for Random Acts. Working to support a creative talent like Anna as they move from one discipline, photography into a new area, filmmaking, is what Random Acts is all about, and the result has been an authentic and heartfelt piece of work

‘The Muse’ is now available to view on All 4 or at:

See more of Anna’s work at
Insta: @anna_fearon

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CAST: Olivia Douglass / @oliviaddouglass Olivia Douglass is a writer and artist from South East London. Her work aims to create an innovative terrain for writing to re-mould the traditional and colonial images surrounding the Black queer experience.

Rema Kahsay / @remakahsay Rema Kahsay is an art director with a cultivated love for dancing and in her spare time, she enjoys learning about astrology.

Titilayo Adebayo / @layyooo2 Titilayo Adebayo is a 25 year old emerging Nigerian non-binary dance artist. Emerging from where? Emerging towards what? Who knows? (does it matter?) Her practice lies in these principles.

Sola Olulode / @solaolulode Sola Olulode’s (b. 1996, London) figurative paintings portray a nuanced and tender vision of relationships and intimacy. Olulode aims to overlay, deepen, and reflect the identities of the black womxn she depicts rather than simplify and register them as a “subject”. She was shortlisted for the Evening Standard Art Prize 2018.

Laura Kirwan-Ashman / @laurak_a Laura Kirwan-Ashman is a writer-director whose worK focuses on Blackness, queerness, and the female experience. Her debut feature film is in development with the BFI.

Bernice Mulenga / @burneece Bernice Mulenga is a multidisciplinary artist prioritizing analog processes. Their work centres their community and the experiences of Black people in the UK. Their work also explores recurring themes surrounding their identity, sexuality, race and Congolese culture.


Presented by Greatcoat Films
Director Anna Fearon
Producer Catrin Griffiths
Executive Producer Sandra Spethmann, Simon Oxley
Production Coordinator Joseph Daly
Runner Pai Takavarasha
Commissioning Editor Catherine Bray
Commissioning Assistant Jake Cunningham

DOP Olan Collardy
Focus Puller Benjy Kirkman
Camera Trainee Jack Hextall
DIT Joseph Daly
Gaffer Leopold Naessens
Spark Leo Southwell
Sound Recordist Angelicq Bjornsson
Production Designer Phoebe Anne Harris
Stylist Palesa Dlamini
Make Up Dan Delgado
Camera & Grip Shoot Blue
Lighting Shoot Blue
Editor Scarlett Bovingdon
Colourist Jon Dobson// WASH
Post Producer Mikael Nakkas// WASH
Dubbing Mixer Matt Cheney
Music Dave Goulding// Be Norway

About Greatcoat Films

Greatcoat Films is an award-winning commercial and music video production company based in London. We are a team of experienced and innovative producers that host eclectic, established and emerging directors.

Greatcoat Films collaborates with agencies, global brands and record labels to deliver finely crafted films, music videos and original content. Our mission throughout is to create visually impactful, compelling