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Another’s Caswell Coggins helms new Cup A Soup ad

08 March 2016

We talk to Another Film Company’s director Caswell Coggins about his new ad for Cup A Soup through McCann London.

Image TitleCup A Soup

What appealed to you when you initially heard about the project and read the script?
I loved the pure simplicity of the script, and after meeting with the creative team, Imogen and James, it was clear they didn't want to compromise on that simplicity, which gave me a lot of confidence that we could make something really good. There were a lot of elements we had to get just right. Every layer, from the look, the style, the music, and very importantly, Joey’s performance, all had to have a very deliberate approach in order that we could pull off the gag successfully.

The spot looks fantastic how did you achieve this?
We were pretty clear from the out set about the type of look the film should have. It should be really bold and rich so the audience are immediately immersed in this luxury high end, fragrance ad type feel so they immediately think they’re watching one thing, and when we pull the rug you realise its actually a Cup a Soup ad.

I worked closely with my DOP Richard Mott on getting the right look, Richard introduced the idea of shooting on anamorphic lenses which I feel contributed beautifully to the film’s look.

What was it like working with Joey?
Joey was always the challenge because, in the end, it's just a guy making a Cup a Soup. He would really have to carry the ad with his performance. He was great, I chose to meet him as early as possible and completely involve him in all the detail. I took him through the animated storyboard which we'd laid music and a guide voice over, this was to give him a really clear idea of how we thought it should play out. I wanted him to really own the film, in the end it's built on a gag at his expense, it was clear early on that the charm of the film would be in the warmth coming from Joey being in on it and enjoying the gag. He was a real professional and really enthusiastic, which when you consider the joke was on him was a great attitude to have.

Why do you think they chose you for this?
The creative team had briefed the concept to have a high end, photographic approach. Joey was going to bring the comedy element, so the idea was to start with a director who has a strong visual style as opposed to just a comedy reel.

What was it like working with the creative team?
It was great working with the creative team. From the start they were very clear about what they wanted and sometimes even more importantly what they didn't want. We communicated often and on every aspect, which was great, not only because the more conversations we had the more the idea developed, but also when we got on set there were no surprises for any of us, we could get on and enjoy shooting the ad. Which I think we really did, I had a great day, it was a real laugh at times.

This is your first shoot with Another how has that been?
I feel like I've settled into ‘Another’ quickly. I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone from start to finish on this job; everyone seems very engaged and interested in understanding and contributing to the concept. There’s a good busy vibe and it's got a family feel, which makes it enjoyable to go about your business.

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