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Another’s Mark Denton directs PG for Mother

22 September 2015

We talk to Mark Denton about directing the new PG Tips Campaign ‘Keep it Tea’ for Mother

Image TitleKeep it Tea

What was it like shooting ‘monkey’?
Once we started turning over it all felt just like a normal shoot insofar as I started talking directly to Monkey, forgetting the fact that Nigel and Sue the puppeteers and Ben the actor were very close by.

Did you have many restrictions?
Outside of the technical considerations (rod removal etc) the main restrictions came from the time lengths….There was a lot of dialogue to fit into 10 seconds.

Why did they choose you for this project?
I was the chosen director because with my experience I could get involved in the TV and the big poster campaign that is running at the same time. I directed the photography jointly with Fern Berresford. Despite the fact that the backgrounds are white and minimal there needed to be a definite graphic link between the two mediums. We added in some texture with some light and shade and white props.

Image Title

What did you bring to the scripts?
What did I bring to the scripts? I laughed at the funny bits…it’s amazing that the better the scripts are in the first place the easier it is to direct them.

Did you write any of these?
There was a bit of Ad-libbing on the day and I’d love to think that I contributed to that but if the dialogue is considered to be good then the vast majority of it was on the page at the start.

What was it like working with the creatives at Mother?
The creatives were great, very supportive. If anything there were too many ideas so pedalling hard to shoot everything in the time was the biggest frustration for all of us.
I worked closely with Dave Dye on this. Originally it was on a previous campaign for PG tips that I photographed with Fern Beresford. So I was asked agin for this campaign. I worked on the posters first with Fern and then the TV followed that I directed where I worked with the rest of the Mother Creative team.

Image Title


Title: Keep it Tea
Client: PG Tips
Agency: Mother
Creative: Mother
TV Producer: Sam Dowling
Production Company: Another Film Company
Director: Mark Denton
Producer: Tim Marshall
Director of Photography: Chris Sabogal
Production Designer: Steve Smithwick
Editor: Mark Edinoff at Work
Post: MPC
Post Producer: Lisa Vaughn
Air Date: September 2015
Puppeteers: Nigel Plaskett, Sue Beattie, Puppet Maker Paul Jomain.
Actor - Monkey’s voice : Ben Miller

London Commercials Production Company

Contact Name
Elise Jeanrenaud
+44 (0) 207 307 7750