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Archer’s Mark pick up a Shark for #KnifeFree campaign for FCB

30 September 2019

Directing duo and company founders Mike & Steve’s #KnifeFree Campaign picked up a Bronze in the Music category at the Sharks award in Kinsale. Made for FCB Inferno.

The campaign tackles one of the biggest issues faced by young people across the country today. It tells the uplifting story of one individual who has managed to go #Knifefree, using a unique blend of authentic documentary audio, cinematic visuals and hugely innovative recording techniques.

The powerful music at the heart of this film was created in under four hours by a talented young musician ‘Dean’ who by definition has to remain anonymous. He will receive the award.

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Say Mike & Steve
"Our brief was to tell the authentic story of a young person who has chosen to live ‘knife free’ with the help of a mentor and creative outlet, but for safeguarding reasons we weren’t able to show the real people on screen. The challenge therefore was how to capture the strength of the relationship and the newfound passion for music, without actually seeing either of those things".

"Our solution was to tape a recording session with the real 'Dean' and 'James', to create an edit from audio only and then use actors to lip-synch both the rapping and the conversational interactions on screen. So everything you hear in this film, was recorded with real people whose identities we have protected".

"The real 'Dean' - who wrote recorded these lyrics in a single afternoon - is a genuinely remarkable young man whose life, as a product of his environment, could have gone a very different way. But thanks to music he now has a very bright future".

"For all of the techniques involved, the most important thing is that this film resonates with young people across the country who feel compelled to carry knives or are lacking the self belief that they can achieve anything else with their lives. To borrow Dean’s words from the film, if one young person sees the film, hears his words and chooses to go knife free, that will have been worth it. But we hope the impact can be much greater than that".

Contact Nicky Flemming or Jessie Gammell for more information at Archer’s Mark 0207 4265160

Executive Producer

Contact Name
Nicky Flemming
+44 (0) 207 426 5160