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Attilio Gianfrancesco joins MindsEye as Executive Producer

30 August 2017

MindsEye announces the appointment of Attilio Gianfrancesco as Executive Producer.

Attilio Gianfrancesco

Attilio brings over 10 years of experience in the industry at leading industry companies such as Shots, SourceCreative, Hotspur&Argyle and Great Guns.

Attilio says: “I am very excited about joining the team at MindsEye. Hughie (MD), Charlie (Director and EP) and Max (Head of Production) are all fantastic people with a great eye for directors. We share the same passion for the industry. I have been following and admiring their achievements in the past few years and I am honoured to be given the opportunity to get on board and be part of the many plans we have for the future of the company. Ultimately it is all about the talent and MindsEye roster is one I am extremely enthusiastic about.”

Hughie says: “I have known Attilio for several years now and have always been a huge admirer, rstly, of him as a person and then of the energy that he brings to all aspects of his work and of his clear love of advertising. He is well known and loved throughout the industry, and rightly so. He is ambitious, creative and I am extremely happy that he has chosen to join us here at MindsEye. We have got big plans for the next year and he is the perfect addition to the team to help us realise our goals.”

MindsEye is a talent-centric commercials and film production company based in Fitzrovia. It produces commercials, music videos and short films and have a fast-growing Film & TV development arm. MindsEye is a boutique but heavyweight production company and is truly passionate about filmmaking and storytelling.

MindsEye was started by brothers Hughie and Charlie Phillips, and surrogate brother Max Yeoman, and has grown from a trio of like-minded and creative people sitting around a desk to a full production team and a roster of directors who are experts in cinematic, visual storytelling.

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