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30 March 2012

The world's weather seems to have been getting more extreme. Records are being broken all over the planet.  In places storms are getting bigger, rainfall heavier, and droughts more prolonged.  And many of the world's leading scientists think it's more than just the natural weather cycle.  They think something fundamental is going on.  It's a phenomenon that’s been called 'Global Weirding'.  And it's coming our way....

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Rushes MGFX Studio has ventured into the world of weather graphics in a new documentary for acclaimed BBC strand Horizon. Working closely with long time friend of Rushes, BBC Director Dave Stewart, the studio were to provide multiple graphic sequences to illustrate key points in the programme as well as transitional and editorial ‘paint’ to help tie each aspect of the programme together.

‘Bold, simple and strong visuals to compliment the voiceover’ was the brief, causing designer Brad Le Riche to turn immediately to Cinema 4D as tool of choice.

“Dave wanted to make sure the graphics were visually interesting while remaining clear in their intent, but they also needed to be multi-tiered, as the topics discussed involved everything from sea temperatures to high level atmospheric wind systems – it really was the perfect job for C4D!”

After a few tests and look development options that were shared with the Horizon team, the final feel was nailed down and the shots were completed. A total of 9 full sequences were created, with by far the most complex being the HEAT ENGINE sequence, needing multiple dynamic systems and ambient occlusion. The shot looks great alongside the others in a well crafted, stylish piece about the worlds recent weird weather and it’s causes.

Horizon: Global Weirding will air on BBC 2 & BBC HD @ 9pm, Tuesday 27th March Learn more at

See our motion graphics montage here

Product: BBC Horizon
Production Title: Global Weirding

Production Company: BBC Horizon
Director: David Stewart 
Production Co-ordinator Producer: Jodie Pashley
Film Editor: Richard Wilkinson

Post Production: Rushes
Producer: Louise Hussey
VFX Co-ordinator: Caroline Laing
MGFX: Brad Le Riche

Contact Name
Thom Trigger
020 7437 8676