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Battle of Styles

05 March 2012

Developed in partnership with BNS's London-based live-action production partner Outsider, advertising agency Iris Singapore and Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd., three stylish new campaign spots promoting the 2012 Tiger Street Football event recently began airing across Asia. "We've been fans of BNS's work for years," Iris Singapore's deputy creative director Clarence Chiew explains in our release below.  "So when the opportunity came around to do something that we'd never seen before, we called BNS and crossed our fingers hoping they weren't too busy.  Working with Dennis and Jonathan was an inspiring process.  What we appreciated most was how proactive and enthusiastic they were in getting the details right."

Brand New School

To accompany our story, I have a lot of high-res frames from the finished spot, as well as several photos from the set during production.  Here’s where to find all of those assets:   

 Complete credits are listed with the Vimeo posting, too, and I’ll be happy to send those to you by email if you’d like.   

If I can provide more information on this project or the campaign, I look forward to hearing from you.  Meanwhile, thank you very much for your time and consideration... we wish you all the best.