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Bert&Bertie: Commercial Biography

12 February 2013

Bert&Bertie are a female directing duo with a penchant for moustaches, Fedora hats and good stories. With combined backgrounds in theatre, film, photography and video games, by the time their stars aligned they already had a BAFTA and a BAFTA nomination between them.


They met on a set, they talked about a funny idea, that idea became Phobias, which became their first (award-winning) short film. Since then they’ve worked with Benicio del Toro, PlayStation, the English National Ballet, the BBC, even David Essex! They’ve made more shorts, won more awards, presented work in the Venice Biennale, written film & game screenplays, and brought their unique visual style and narrative flair to the world of commercials.

Constantly blurring lines between reality and fantasy, theirs is a world of visual invention; crackling with comedy and peppered with striking performances.

Well-behaved women, seldom make history.

Contact Name
Nicci Clark
+ 44 20 7837 1700