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Blonde go back to basics and produce their first Super 8mm short film for the Straight8 Industry Shootout.

19 June 2017

Blonde will be gracing Cannes with their presence this summer, having entered the Straight 8 Industry Shootout with their comedy ‘The Chef’s Heir’ directed by Matty Melvin.

Image Title‘The Chef’s Heir’

If you haven’t heard about Straight 8 where have you been? 

The industry shootout is a global industry battle – a company to company showdown – to produce the best film on one super 8mm cartridge, without editing or post-production according to straight 8’s strict rules. The original sound score created ‘blind’. There’s no creative brief, and anything could happen. Filmmakers see their films for the first time at the Worldwide Premiere in Cannes.

Blonde’s entry ‘The Chef’s Heir’ tells the story of André Boule, a young chef from a famous French culinary dynasty, battling with his senses to reclaim his ‘flavour’ and save his family name from ruin. A story of hope and destiny, betrayal and reckoning, one man’s quest for the truth and a journey of epic proportions.

Image Title

Shot in just over a day with a skeleton crew, a super 8mm camera and a couple of lights, this was filmmaking craft at an elemental level.

None of the filmmakers, including Blonde, have seen their films. Will 'The Chef's Heir' be more Grand Prix or Grand d’or Framboise? We shall see.

If you’re at the Cannes Lions Festival this year, don’t miss the chance to catch all the films at the worldwide premiere in Cannes' Cinema Les Arcades, 23rd June 2017.

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