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Canada creates Olympic buzz, the mischievous return of Flat Eric and other fresh videos from Partizan

14 May 2012

Adidas invites you to take the stage for the London 2012 Olympics

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As  energy builds around the world for the upcoming London 2012 Olympics, nowhere else can this be felt more than the streets of London itself. 

Directing collective Canada captures the definitively cool London vibe with their unparalleled and extraordinary style for the new 'Take the Stage' campaign from Adidas. The 60 second spot features a fresh new track by Wretch 32 and appearances by David Beckham, Derrick Rose, comedian Keith Lemon and a whole crop of Team GB, all on the unique streets of London.

The campaign calls on the British youth to reach for their dreams and enter a set of challenges for the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best and brightest out there, like opening for Wretch 32 on his tour, photographing Beckham, or shooting hoops with Derrick Rose.

A double rainbow is always better

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Michael Geoghegan disperses a series of double rainbows across Britain for Sainsbury's latest Nectar Credit Card campaign. While there are plenty of stories about what you'll find at the end of a rainbow, Michael shows us their simple beauty and the wonder they instill in us all.

Usain Bolt races through London with Traktor

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Traktor have been catching their breath a bit, after pursuing Usain Bolt through the streets of London on his way to the Olympics. Check out the new Visa ad from the 'Flow Faster' campaign. You may need to recuperate after watching as well.

Flat Eric returns, encourages you to steal new Mr Oizo EP

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It's been a while since Flat Eric made an appearance. Some say he's been living on the run. Pockets full of sugar lumps. Fast(er) cars. Scantily clad puppets. The truth is, no one knows for sure.

But now he's back and… playing chess against William Fichtner, like some sort of tropical Seventh Seal, forestalling an imminent crack in the wall that keeps unrestrained shenanigans at bay.

Introducing Mr Oizo's new EP, 'Stade 3' — available for a digital five-finger discount at now.

Teaser film directed by Quentin Dupieux, naturally.

Revealing the many talents of Britain through Virgin Media Talent School

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Director Michael Williams brings to life a series of idents for Virgin Media's sponsorship of Britain's Got Talent, featuring a rather diverse bunch of individuals, each with a knack for the extraordinary.  From yo-yos and magic tricks to Lennox Lewis, Killa Kella and Richard Branson, Michael Williams has it all covered.

Ollie Evans discovers the hidden depths

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With a single, highly intricate ink illustration, Ollie Evans creates a wonderful time-lapse film for Tiger Beer, documenting the process through which the large illustration is produced. The film beckons us to see in our surroundings what may not be immediately apparent, but nonetheless exists right before our eyes — the hidden depths.

Bo Mirosseni and Le Mouv' urge you to leave some traditions in the distant past

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Tradition and heritage are great. There's nothing quite like a craft that's been embellished and refined over centuries, or a recipe that survives and delights generations. But really, there are some things better left to the isolated confines of dusty history books. Were it not for advancements in latex, we'd all be stuck in the ways of ancient Egyptians with condoms made of animal intestines. (What?) Exactly.

Let that be a warning about your musical tastes staying stagnant as well. Director Bo Mirosseni and French radio station Le Mouv' have been busy educating the public on the matter, like in this ad shot in conjunction with a widely discussed print campaign which has now been censored in France.

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