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Charles Muzard Feels The Force With Absolute Post

18 December 2017

Director Charles Muzard, signed to 76Ltd, puts a literal spin on space opera in his latest collaboration with FunnyOrDie, Storm – A Star Wars Indie.

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In this spoof film we follow the forbidden, unlikely, romantic relationship between a lonely Stormtrooper and a curious Rodian bounty hunter. In a universe ridden with intergalactic conflicts it seems that even the force can’t come between them.

Muzard delivers an unexpected spin-off which really leaves you wondering if he’s taken Star Wars to a whole new galaxy and adds: “I’ve always been a fan of big Hollywood spectacle so it’s an honour to be able to play in that sandbox. I just hope we didn’t totally upset Kathleen Kennedy…”

Absolute Post’s Kate Desmond as Producer and with final Grade starring Matt Turner – may the force be with you.

You can view the trailer here:


Production Company: Booya Pictures
Director: Charles Muzard (repped by 76Ltd)
Producer: Hans Sahni
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Cinematography: Matt Sweeney
Production Design: Ashley Swanson
Post Production: Alex Parks/ Kate Desmond @AbsolutePost
VFX: Joe Humpay/ Bryan Wieder
Colourist: Matt Turner @AbsolutePost
Sound Designer: Sam Cross @Gramercy Park Studios
Audio Mix: Sam Cross
Written by: Ryan Coopersmith

Production Department, London

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Head of Marketing & PR

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Antoinette de Lisser
+44 (0) 20 7851 6700