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Cofidis, ‘Preconceptions, Why?’

30 June 2014


French credit company Cofidis continues its campaign to change people’s perceptions of credit by challenging some of the prejudices we encounter every day.

Young people are lazy, women are terrible at parking, men only think about sex - these are some of the fallacies tackled in the humorous five-part web series created by ad agency Herezie, Paris and helmed by Passion Paris director Jack Antoine Charlot, who brings both his trademark graphic style with simple, colourful, dynamic geometric shapes and his unique off-beat humour to the campaign.


See more from Jack Antoine Charlot here.

Title: Preconceptions Why
Length: 5X1'
Media: TV

Agency: Herezie, France
Creative director: Andrea Stillacci
Art director: Nicolas Duménil; Jaques Denain; Remi Arnaud
Copywriter: Nicolas Duménil; Jaques Denain; Edouard Dorbais
Directeur du planning stratégique
Account manager: Julien Quidor; Nicolas Roger
Head of Digital: Renaud Fouilleul

Head of TV: Blaise Isard
TV producer: Barbara Vaira

Production Company: PASSION IN PARIS
Director: Jack Antoine Charlot
Design illustration / BG: Jack Antoine Charlot
Executive Producer: Marc Bodin Joyeux
Post producer: Emile Chaillou

PostProduction: PASSION IN PARIS
Production manager: Emile Chaillou
Storyboard; Compositor: Cyril DROUIN; Maxime MARTIN; Julien SARRAUTE Layout: Cyril DROUIN
Compositor: Cyril DROUIN; Maxime MARTIN; Julien SARRAUTE; Marion CREPEL; Barbara Miterer
Animator:Cyril DROUIN; Maxime MARTIN; Julien SARRAUTE; Mathilde REGNAULT; Elise GANCEL

Sound design studio: Diner au Motel
Sound designer: Stéphane Papin


Contact Name
Hannah Kluman
44 +207 323 9933


Contact Name
Emilie Walmsley - Producer
+33 (0)1 42 73 63 10

New York

Contact Name
Belinda Blacklock - Executive Producer
+ 1 212 725 9095