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Cream Tease

05 August 2014

Cream TeaseCream Tease

Cream Tease is a studio animation that begins a promise of a regular production release from Seed Animation Studio, branded under the name of Seed Home Videos.

Seed Home Videos provides the studio with an outlet for exploring interesting styles, narratives and humour. Cream Tease has all the hallmarks of any future release- bold, funny and bite-size- Just enough for quick relief from your usual grind. That’s almost too much of a giveaway…

Cream tease is a 2D film that is set in the 80’s during the height of a hot of summer. Innuendo abound, this isn’t for the faint of heart, but it all wraps up not as you would initially expect.

Music and sound effects from very talented friends at Mcasso.

Cream Tease

Seed Production Details

No. and Length: 1 x 2 minutes 15 sec
Creative Director: Morgan Powell
Directed by: Seed
Animation/Design: Tom King
Audio: Mcasso
Software: After Effects


Contact Name
Neil Kidney