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Creative Problem making Leads to Innovation. 1stAveMachine, Massive Music and Cut+Run Collaborate to #makeithard at D&AD

26 April 2018

Let’s turn to creative problem making to free our minds. Finding solutions to these problems sometimes fail, sometimes succeeds, and sometimes surpasses all expectations. 1stAveMachine has created #makeithard for the D&AD Festival 2018; a specially curated session where they will created an original music track and video, in collaboration with the audience, all in the space of 60 minutes.

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See the finished film here:

In keeping with this year’s D&AD Festival theme of how Creativity Shapes Culture, the session was hosted by 1stAveMachine’s Head of Content, Andrew Geller and London MD Isabella Parish who demonstrated the theory that creators should not just solve problems, they should make them.

Along with music and editing partners, music agency Massive Music, and edit house, Cut+Run, 1stAveMachine live edited sounds and images collected from the audience and uploaded the finished track and video to YouTube at the end of the session.

1stAveMachine MD Isabella Parish said: “1stAveMachine has so much experience in making it hard. From creating animations with single atoms (!!) and creating the longest ever Rube Goldberg, this sort of work is part of what we do.”

Massive Music Head of Production, Tim Preston commented: "Over the years, MassiveMusic has been lucky enough to add that little something to some of the world's coolest music-led activations, so were super excited to be partnering with 1stAvenueMachine & Cut+Run for the ultimate show of creative collaboration!”

Cut+Run MD, Toby Abbott added: “Partnering with 1stAveMachine and Massive Music as part of the D&AD festival is something we’ve been very excited to be involved with. The challenge of creating a music video, live in front of an audience and in 60 minutes celebrates the collaborative creativity that is such a massive part of our craft.”



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Isabella Parish
0203 206 6450