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Cut+Run’s Chris Roebuck awarded bronze at Dubai Lynx for editing work on Leo Burnett Dubai’s “The Man Sitting Next to You” campaign for du Telecom

04 April 2017

Chris Roebuck at Soho-based offline edit-house Cut+Run recently finished work on this nauseatingly inventive spot for du Telecom’s “du Tuesday” campaign.

Image TitleChris Roebuck

Directed by Ali Ali and Maged Nassar at GoodPeople for Leo Burnett Dubai, the campaign takes a uniquely gross-out approach, advertising a “buy one get one free” offer by showcasing the gamble one take’s when choosing a cinema seat and, accordingly, how much better off you’ll be if you take a friend along.

Image TitleChris Roebuck

“The Man Sitting Next to You” follows a slew of award-winning commercials from the same creative partnership. A relative assault on the senses, this latest offering delves deep into the off-screen sensory experience of the audience-member. The whole visceral ordeal is painstakingly divorced from the imagined romance of the cinema trip, rife with the repulsive sights, sounds, smells and unwanted physical contact of the other spectators – a cacophony of grotesqueries that has to be seen (and heard) to be believed. In light of all this, a suitably gravelly voiceover asks, “Isn’t it time you sat next to someone you know?”

Image TitleChris Roebuck

Chris deservedly picked up a bronze for Editing in Film Craft for the project at the Dubai Lynx awards 2017, one of only two projects awarded for editing in the category. “It was a pleasure to work with the directors and GoodPeople,” says Chris. “It was very much a collaborative effort, Maged came over for the edit and it was great to have him there as a part of the process.” With the aid of Chris’s disciplined cuts, the creative team reveals a dark humour in the cinema experience. Once the lights go down, stylized cutaways and explosive transitions stand in for the more abhorrent of habits. The feeling of discomfort becomes more tangible as the cuts pick up speed, until the spot finally relents with an explosive climax. “We had storyboards, but ultimately I was given free reign to experiment and create the most cinematic and humorous commercial possible.”

Image TitleChris Roebuck

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Brand: Du Dubai
Title: The Man Sitting Next to You
Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai
Creative Director: Rafael Augusto
Creative: Ali Ali and Maged Nassar
Agency Producer: Cynthia Chammas
Director: Ali Ali and Maged Nassar
Production Company: GoodPeople
Editor: Chris Roebuck @ Cut & Run
Post production: MPC/nineteentwenty