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Delivering an Irresistible Voice for Farming

21 June 2012

The NFU is the largest farming organisation in the UK and is a champion for British farming. It is a respected institution that campaigns for the farming community, along with providing professional representation and services to all its members.

With this in mind, Irresistible director Georgia Oakley wanted to create a film that 'drew inspiration from the hilarious Monty Python sketch ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’ Highlighting the many vital roles that farming plays in the UK, including raising 7 billion pounds for [the] UK economy each year.’ 

Simon Day from 'The Fast Show’ was cast as the lead character who questions what farming delivers for Britain.  He begins by being almost indignant, but quickly, he almost persuades himself and turns into a strong advocate of what Farming does for the country, turning his initial question completely on its head. The Irresistible team worked with DOP Kit Fraser, to transform a farm shop near Leamington Spa into a hazy, picturesque cafe using cracked oil and a lot of gingham! Irresistible Post’s Luke '1000' Aldrich cut the film and added the final touches in the form of chalk board animations to illustrate Simon's points. 'So when you see farming delivers, now you'll know what they mean.'


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Matt Nelson