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Discover New Music With Rob From A-MNEMONIC

05 February 2018

If you like to discover new and interesting music then read on. Rob from A-MNEMONIC shares his latest mix-tape of the latest new music releases (and a few older tracks) for you to enjoy!

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First on my playlist this week is the addictive new single ‘Luck & Love’ by the Dutch Electronic Space Pop/Artist/Producer, PYN. From the catchy chorus through to the 80’s style production, it’s clear she’s taken Inspiration from artists such as Donna Summer, Grace Jones and Madonna. PYN collaborated with Oscar de Jong to help produce this absolute dance-pop gem.

Next this week is the pop-tastic dance track ‘Careful’ by Swedish singer Beatrice Eli. This was released earlier last year, but has only appeared on my radar – and it’s a true beauty. Along with Eli’s excellent vocals, we are treated to a house-y piano riff, a throbbing beat and a deep bass, making this a triumph of a pop/dance record.

And finally, I couldn’t resist including the track ‘Payday’ by Swedish artist Blenda. A raucous anthem of intent that drops all notions of ever reining it in. Intentional or not, it’s quite genius that a song about living for today, ends with a slow, burnout fade. Brilliant!

Here’s my full playlist for you to enjoy:


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