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Discover the latest music with Rob from A-MNEMONIC

04 July 2019

If you like to discover new and different music, then read on. Rob from A-MNEMONIC shares his latest music mix of the latest new music releases you may have missed.

Finnish singer and songwriter ALMA has returned to the music scene with her new single ‘Lonely Night’. The track arrives alongside a new release date for her debut album ‘Have You Seen Her?’ set for release in September 2019. ALMA’s soothing vocals focus on the idea of catching feelings for someone who’s just messing around. Experimenting with your sexual identity is fine, ALMA says, but it still hurts for those who are used and later discarded. “She said I love you but not the way you do…” The struggle is real for ALMA, and we feel it in her new track.

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Madonna is back with her ambitious and brilliant single ‘God Control’ featuring the Tiffin Children’s Choir and typically lush production from Mike Dean. ‘God Control’ runs more than six minutes long and feels like a few songs in one. To open, Madonna sing-mumbles sadly about the state of the nation: “I think we understand why people get a gun / I think I understand why we all give up.” A children’s choir cuts in, magisterially delivering the not-so-subtle pun of the title: “We lost God control.” Then the track transmutes into a schmaltzy, irresistible take on Philadelphia soul, evoking polyester pants and cocaine spoons. “It’s a hustle,” Madonna pants amid generally zany verses about “a new democracy.” It’s hard to say what exactly is going on, but it’s likely a camp commentary on the way people can dance in the face of crisis. Moreover, the song is catchy and amusing. It works.

Up and coming pop songstress Millie Turner returns with her new single ‘Swimming Pool’. The track begins with solo guitar accompaniment before it develops into a subtle electronic dance number, with atmospheric strings and emotive lyrics that see Turner promising her commitment to a relationship. The origin story of ‘Swimming Pool’ begins with a poem from Millie Turner, telling, “a story of a group of kids that destroy this old historic building, setting it on fire, breaking down its traditional walls. They then escape from the chaos, retreating to the walls of the swimming pool. They stay there together, muffling out the sound of chaos outside. It’s about rebellion, liberation and then escapism, stepping away and escaping in this swimming pool”.

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Rob is Producer and Music Supervisor at A-MNEMONIC Music – who specialise in original music, library production music, sync, and music clearance.


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