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Forever Pictures creates a splash in latest Chvrches promo

01 December 2015

Austin Peters of Forever Pictures has captured a familiar coming of age story in his promo for Chvrches. However, this film transports us to a place that’s far less sugar coated than many teen videos. For the Chvrches’ song entitled ‘Empty Threat’ we see a group of gloomy Goth kids skipping school for the day. Firstly they pick up some liquor using a fake ID, before setting out into the Florida sunshine.

Image TitleChvrches - Empty Threat

Their destination is not one that you would necessarily expect as they pull up at a water park. Their arrival brings about some strange looks from onlookers, as their attire is not what you’d expect to see poolside.

As soon as they enter the pool their usual sombre faces light up to reveal joyous smiles. These friends are having lots of fun and suddenly you’re transported to more carefree days. Obviously there’s always the one mate who wont join in and would rather sit under an umbrella. For the rest though this escapism is what being young is all about.

The twist to the story results in a film that perfectly matches the soundtrack. It will leave some viewers with a smile of recognition and others with memories of times past.

Image Title


Co-Produced By: Forever Pictures and All:Expanded
Directed by: Austin Peters
Executive Producer: Sasha Nixon
Executive Producer: Emi Stewart
Label: Virgin EMI
Commissioner: James Hackett
Producer: Nicole Miqueli
Director of Photography: Deering Regan
Editor: Marlo Caine of Spotwelders
Post Production Grading: The Mill
Telecine: Mikey Rossiter
Post Producers: Natalie Westerfield and Evan Bauer
Sound Design: Davo McConville
Production Assistants: Fredy Delgado, Greg Sammartano

Contact Name
Sasha Nixon
0203 371 0669