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Found Studio Look Back On The Last Decade, As They Celebrate Their Tenth Birthday

28 September 2018

For the past ten years, Found have been executing ambitious ideas for world leading brands, agencies and artists. The London studio, specialises in high-end 3D motion design and film production. Led by insatiable curiosity, it is known for its innovative approach to projects.

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Founding Partner and Creative Director, Mike Sharpe has witnessed a world of change in that decade.

The studio we are now is so different from the studio we were when we started, and the studio we were in the middle.

When we started we were still in the ‘2.5D era’, stretching the capabilities of what could be done in After Effects. Then came the ‘Greyscale Gorilla era’ as Cinema 4D made 3D far more accessible. The release of the Canon MkII saw the birth of the ‘5D revolution’, transforming the production landscape. Simultaneously, new technology took us into the psychedelic ‘open Frameworks era’ as we began exploring new ways of generating animation. From there came a whole new discipline of interactive arts and the ‘experiential era’ which saw us working beyond-the-screen. Finally, we were propelled into a whole new dimension, ‘Virtual Reality’. It’s pretty remarkable when you look back at it all.

The technology and talent in the field of motion design gets more sophisticated with each day. Things are moving at such an incredible pace, the bar is forever being reset. We are now seeing an era where the boundaries between motion design and visual effects are blurring. It’s exciting. As ever, we push on - we adapt, try new things, learn, grow and ultimately evolve.

Over ten years we’ve built up relationships that have made us what we are today. It’s these relationships that make us able to do the work we do. We’re raring to see what the future brings – I can’t wait to see where we are in another ten years!’

Found underwent a pivotal repositioning back in May, focussing in on the two disciplines that define their greatest work to date - technical film production and 3D motion design. The intricate craft of film and animation, is the beating heart of Found.

It is the marrying of these two disciplines in one studio, that has proved to be Found’s edge and gained them their prestigious reputation, with endorsements from the likes of Richard Curtis:

‘Found are stylish, imaginative and very clever. I’ve come back to them time and time again.’

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