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Fresh Film Director Shoots New Campaign For Asus

18 June 2018

The new Asus spot from Fresh Film director Harry George Hall is now airing.

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The film sets out to showcase ASUS’s VivoBook the lighter, thinner and coloured laptop range from the tech giant. Aimed at those looking to stand out among the crowd, the film promotes the #beyourtruecolour hashtag. In a series of colourful and fast pace vignettes raw performances from authentic locations filmed in and around south London are depicted.

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Unusual for a tech company approach, Asus and their agency JWT Singapore allowed Harry to create a film where the protagonists and their performances were able to shine as much as the product itself. The end result is a youthful, vibrant and accessible film.

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Director, Harry George Hall comments:

"It was a real pleasure to collaborate with JWT again. From the off, we really wanted to push this film and Asus were really receptive of our approach. I was really excited from the start of this project that a film about tech could actually be about people. Sparse product sequences meant that we had room for our protagonists to come to life. There are some great personalities amongst our cast, and I was super keen to bring these out on screen. We were keen to immerse our cast in authentic locations, and a lengthy street casting process gifted us with genuine, raw performances in realistic environments. It was nice to shoot this spot close to home. I have wanted to utilise the amazing locations Peckham and South London have to offer for ages, and shooting five locations in one day, coupled with our guerrilla style hand-held camera movements brought a really contagious energy to the film that I love."

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Client: Asus
Title: Vivobook Manifesto
Client: Grace Chen, Ruby Liu, Kevin Lee
Agency: JWT Singapore
Integrated Creative Directors: Uma RD
Integrated Creative Directors: Alex Ohannessian
Senior Producer: Kimie Ong
Regional Account Director: Missy Tolentino
Production Company: Fresh Film
Director Harry George Hall
Producer: Simon Petter
Production Manager: Louise Jackson
DoP Chris O’Driscoll
Post Production Producer: Wei Wei Gwee
Editor Shaun Weil at Figment Editing

Executive Producer and Founder

Contact Name
Kim Griffin
0207 580 6646
Contact Name
Louise Jackson


Contact Name
Richard Carter-Hounslow