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Great Guns announces the global signing of Tal Zagreba and presents his latest commercial/music video for German condom brand R3 featuring the MALUL twins

09 June 2017

The film is called “German Shlong” and the words are a mash up of English, German and Hebrew as the film is aimed at Israeli teenagers. To maximize your viewing pleasure, here’s a little language coaching:

Image TitleGerman Shlong

"German is the game ba-tinder" = German is the game in Tinder "Tze li meaframe ya kinder" = Get out of my frame, kid "Betach motek it's more keif!" = Sure, sweety, it's more fun!

With the message being that by using "...R3 there's no tinok (baby)…"

Tal says:

“Two weeks ago, I was approached by Great Digital Partners, an Israeli digital commercial agency, to create a cult video for R3 condoms. R3 is the underdog in the Israeli condom market, so they asked to create something that will make people take notice, featuring the Israeli trash stars - Malul Twins. The deadline for the project was the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv (9/6/2017) – which was only two weeks away - and I was given a free-hand and a sack full of condoms. The budget was minimal, so I realized that the best way to pull off something boisterous would be through trashy styling and creative use of condoms. I created a storyboard of funny images, and collaborated with Yael Weiser, an art director whose stylish work I love, and we started rolling.

The client and agency were very supportive, and there was a great appetite for making something really outrageous. Everyone gave their all to their handiwork, quite literally...Alon Lutsky, the DOP, is the hand that puts the needle on the condom; Rachel Boxnboim, The producer, is the hand with the rubber jonny hotdog; and mine is the hand with the prophylactic barbells. In the editing room, Shahar Beeri the editor and I couldn't stop laughing from the self-aware-ridiculous-footage, we pushed the style for maximum stupidty. Wondering if we’d gone too far - but after the screening to client when they started to applaud I realized that mission was accomplished: we made a really really outrageous ad!!

The video was released today and has already made an impact in the Israeli media. It was the first time I’ve directed something ‘trashy’ and I must say that it was a big guilty pleasure.

Joining Great Guns is a dream come true for me. I’m a huge fan of GG’s directors and feel very privileged to join such a remarkable group of artists. I intend to bring a fresh and eccentric approach to filmmaking, and to push the creative boundaries to their limit. I’m grateful to GG for their faith in my art, and have a strong feeling that it’s gonna be a hell of a ride. Damn, let the briefs begin!"

You can download German Shlong here

Tal’s recent awards for his Music Videos and Short “Vows” include: -6th “LA Indie Film Fest”, Winner of Best Music Video, LA 2014 -19th “Avanca Film Festival”, Winner of Best Music Video, Avanca, Portugal 2015 -2nd “International Independent Film Awards”, Winner of Best Music Video, California 2015 -9th “The European Independent Film Festival”, Winner of Best Dramatic Short, Paris 2014 Selected at: -3rd and 5th “Berlin Music Video Awards” Berlin, 2015 and 2017 -67th “Festival de Cannes”, Cannes 2014 -52nd “New York Film Festival” NY 2014

You can find a link to his awarded work here

He is represented by Great Guns globally, Great Guns’ music video reps, OB Management and Laure Scott, cover UK and USA respectively.

For More information contact Laura Gregory Thom Fennessy,

Credits: Director: Tal Zagreba – Represented Globally by Great Guns
Cast: “Malul Twins”, Bobby Lax
Art Director: Yael Weiser
DOP: Alon Lutsky
Editor: Shahar Beeri
Graphic Design: Yael Weiser, Asaf Mendelovich, Tomer Mor
After FX and Animation: Yael Weiser
Color Grading: Itay Oz Ari
Producer: Rachel Boxnboim
Line Producer: Iris Yisraeli
Music & Musical Production: Amir Sade & Ben Maor
Agency: Great Digital Partners
VP Creative: Raz Messing
VP Clients: Michal Naim
VP Strategy: Itamar Bar
Creative Managers: Tom Zakai, Ilan Yeruham
Art Director: Rachel Schneider
Copywriter: Lior Shoham
Client Manager: Carmel Ram
Senior Account Executive: Adi Moshe
Producer: Rachel Boxnboim
Planner: Ran Shalhavi
Social Media Manager: Lee Malach
“Malul Twins” Representation: Rotem Mitchell
Client: R3, Neopharm Group

Executive Assistant

Contact Name
Florence Bennett