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Grolsch poses the question Sound or Sculpture with Forever Director Charlie Robins

05 April 2016

Another week and another great film emerges from the vision of Charlie Robins at Forever.

Image TitleGrolsch

VCCP selected Charlie to shoot the cinematic spot for Grolsch, which makes great use of his music video heritage and observational eye. The film is set in what could be a warehouse or indeed a gallery space with a snoozing attendant on hand. As we journey down a corridor the low reverberating hum of music rises as the sound of high voltage cables come to life. The sleeping attendant is oblivious to the increasing volume. The building sense of anticipation heightens as we finally enter a wide-open space with our hero bottle at its centre.

This is not your average bottle though, but one made of pulsating cables, wide sub bass speakers and neon lighting. The music and power emanating from the bottle reach their crescendo as the camera moves up the structure before the famous bottle top bursts open releasing the full power and invigorating taste of Grolsch. The final strap line rises posing the question ‘Sound or Sculpture?’

Image Title

The whole spot needed to feel authentic and innovative. So, the bottle was not built in post, but was actually physically created by the Forever team. It was also shot in the famous Whitechapel Gallery, to add that extra layer of authenticity. Later in post Electric Theatre Collective enhanced the picture with the addition of extra light flares and sparks coupled with a pounding track from Soho Music.


Product: Grolsch
Agency: VCCP London
Agency Producer: Charlie Hodges
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Director: Charlie Robins
Post production: Electric Theatre Collective
Music Supervision: Soho Music

Contact Name
Sasha Nixon
0203 371 0669