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In This Final Installment Of UNIT's Design Collective We Showcase Kingsley Harris

14 September 2019

This week we share the final showcase of UNIT's talented Motion Designers. Here we 'Sit Down With' Kingsley Harris to discover their personal style, what inspires them and who they're currently following on Instagram.

What inspires you to create?

My inspiration to design and create stems from an early age of curiosity and passion to visually tell stories. Emotive work drives me to push further and reach unknown boundaries within my own ability. Forming a concept in my mind and bringing the idea to life with the use of motion design is such a rewarding process. I love being able to show others how I view the world with the use of animation. Designing characters and bringing them to life to show emotions and personality is a big influence on my inspiration.

What you listening to?

I actually do not listen to music much for inspiration or even listen to music much all together. It's a question I receive a lot and generally get a pretty shocked response when I say I do not really listen to music. I am a film or podcast type of person. I prefer to have a film playing in the background when I design.

Latest exhibitions you’ve been to?

I recently went to the Illustration Festival at The House of Illustration were I purchased two beautiful illustrations from the fantastic Robert Hunter who is a London based Illustrator. The illustration fair is packed with all type of illustrators and has a strong and diverse creative community. The atmosphere is bustling and really ignites my creative flair. Hunter amongst other artists I follow inspire me to keep pushing my skills. Oh and I also attended the Tim Burton exhibition in Cologne a few years back, which was very inspirational. It was a chance to see all the stop motion puppets and concept art from most of Tim Burton's films.

The House of Illustration The House of Illustration Website

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Image Title Tim Burton exhibition stills

How would you describe your design style?

My design style is energetic and character driven. I am always looking to tell a story through all kinds of mediums and techniques. I lean towards stylized pieces as opposed to realistic renders. I enjoy pushing design further combining different types of references. Fun and playful would be the ideal words to describe my design style, bringing in-animate objects to life, seeing personality and expression in every object. However I am flexible when I need to be within my preferred style, I can easily adapt to different kinds of visuals.

Design / Creative Influences?

I gather influences from all types of areas. I find inspiration for line work and typography from street art. When I travel I check I’m drawn to local murals and graffiti. I also get inspiration for colour through street art, the colours typically used are poppy and eye catching. I am keen on stop motion pieces, creating stories with the use of your hands helps inspire ideas. A lot of my ideas also come through real life events - quickly opening the notebook on my phone to jot down a concept. Inspiration for me comes from all around. I try to connect different scenarios to create stories and add a twist by using random objects instead of humans for example.

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Favourite Artist?

Tim Burton for quirky and unique ideas and for storytelling the legendary Brad Bird. The Rusted Pixel’s work has a huge influence on me and has since I started my design journey. The stylised 3D pieces created by Rusted Pixel are very unique and always inspirational to see.

Favourite gallery?

I am not a big gallery person. I am much more in to museums.

Cool events coming up that we should know about?

GLUG events, See No Evil or Bring your own Animation

Favourite shop to buy cool things?

Forbidden Planet would be my cool go to shop, figurine and book shop filled to the brim with a collection of unique items. I am a sucker for collecting figurines and animation books. I’ve racked up a pretty decent collection so far. I tell myself they are for inspiration..

What platform are you most influenced by?

Pinterest for me is the most inspirational platform I personally use on a daily basis, the huge expanse of creative images can help drive inspiration and look development. When I am looking for inspiration I go straight to Pinterest. I feel the platform filters all the rubbish and generic images and searches for the best and most relevant results. I always get lost in Pinterest, clicking on one image then being taken by a related image and so on. I end up going on a huge discovery trail, finding tons of useful references. Ideas start following from all the new content being absorbed, making connections with shape, colour, lighting, composition etc.

Fave piece of tech?

Currently my favourite piece of new tech has to be the new Ipad pro with the on screen sketching ability. Using the app Procreate to design and illustrate has had a positive impact on my work. The Ipad gives you easy access to digital drawing with multiple brushes, inks, pencils etc. Having the ability to carry a device with such resources daily is a huge boost in productivity.

Latest new instagram you’ve followed that inspires?

Caroline Kjellberg, as her work has been a huge inspiration for me. The style she has created is very similar to my own preferred style and technique, I am in awe of all of her posts. Caroline is skilled in mix media design and is always executing new creative ideas. I am fond of Caroline’s simpler designs. I feel they have more of an impact on me. Simple animations tied with excellent design.

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