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In This Third Installment Of UNIT's Design Collective We Showcase Ronnie Brivinskas & Diogo Pinheiro

30 August 2019

This week we share two more of UNIT's talented Motion Designers.
Here we 'Sit Down With' Ronnie Brivinskas and Diogo Pinheiro to discover their personal style, what inspires them and who they're currently following on Instagram.

You can also see Ronnie's work on Instagram at:

You can also see Diogo's work on Instagram at:

Let's kick off with Ronnie Brivinskas

What inspires you to create?

I like the idea that I can make anything come to life. Something as simple as a circle on the screen can be animated in so many fun ways to convey a certain motive. In general I get a bit over excited seeing other pieces of design when I am going through Pinterest, Dribble or Instagram.

What are you listening to?

I listen to all sorts of genres but I tend to fixate on different electronic music. This ranges from Lowkey Tech, Psytrance to really intense Riddim Dubstep and Drum and Bass.

Latest exhibitions been to?

The Renegade Craft Fair is an exhibition of different arts and craft items.

How would you describe your design style?

Errrmm depends what I am making. At the moment I don’t have a style knuckled down entirely but the sort of things I like to make aim to be positive, happy and playful. I am a very relaxed sort of person and I like to make that clear in my designs

Design / creative influences?

I really enjoy work by Ariel Costa, and David Firth. I quite enjoy work that is very creepy, or very odd compared to the typical stuff you can find online.

Favourite artist?

Click to viewClick to view

Capitan Klavis is a really cool Tattoo Artist that I wouldn’t mind having one of his pieces on my leg. Brothersoflight make some awesome Murals and their style of work is a funky where’s wally style but in an isometric form consisting of cool characters.

Favourite gallery?

Boiler Room always hold up some funky illustrative exhibitions that I love going to because the inspiration is endless. Hayward Gallery hosted some cool interactive exhibitions in the past; loved the one where you are made to go through a tight, dark tunnel for some time before seeing the exhibition in the purpose of heightening your senses prior.

Cool events coming up that we should know about?

GLUG events, See No Evil are always my go to for mograph events although they do tailor for other arts as well which is great.

Favourite shop to buy cool things?

I’m a couch surfer so I refrain from buying items as I am limited to what I can carry. But in the past I like to go down Brick Lane Market, as you can always find really cool things for your home such as a giant desk lamp that’s as tall as me (I’m 6ft 2).

What platform are you most influenced by?

My main go to’s are Dribble, Pinterest and Instagram, with the occasional Design Inspiration site or Behance.

Fave piece of tech you cant live without?

I try and refrain from having a materialistic mindset but obviously I can’t be doing things without my phone. I use the phone for taking cool photos via my Huji app which generates a polaroid filter over your photo which I love. As well as that I use it for Instagram purposes.

Latest new instagram you’ve followed that inspires you?

Click to view Russ and ReynClick to view Russ and Reyn

Click to view LaurClick to view Laur

Click to view Adam PriesterClick to view Adam Priester

Best piece of work you've been involved in this year and are proud of?

This year me and Kingsley popped out the Rexona stuff which was tricky to start off with but managed to get something looking great that everyone was happy with.

Next we hear from Designer Diogo Pinheiro

What inspires you to create?

Usually when I get a brief for a project and need to come up with a creative solution for it I go to Pinterest and start researching the keywords that I feel that are relevant, very often happens that I see a still image of something that is not directly related to the subject at hand which sparks an unusual idea for an animation in my head.

What are you listening to?

At the moment at work I listen to this “Chill-Hop playlists” which are basically calm hip-hop instrumentals. I usually listen to trip-hop, IDM, deep house, metal, soul and drum and bass.

Latest exhibitions you’ve been to?

Image Title

Haven’t really been to any recently but I got a ticket to go to Stanley Kubrick's exhibition at the Design Museum that’s coming up. Can’t wait.

Favourite Artists?

Click to view Ash ThorpClick to view Ash Thorp

Click to view GmunkClick to view Gmunk

Favourite blogs? and

Cool events coming up that we should know about?

I sometimes go to the “See no evil”. A free event where there is usually one or two companies that showcase their work at the cafe 1001 in Brick Lane. There is usually one every month.

Favourite shop to buy cool things?

I know a couple of online shops like and for geek merchandise. I try to stay away from these places though otherwise I accumulate too much stuff.

What platform are you most influenced by?

I believe it’s the internet. It’s where I usually find my music, movies, series and audiobooks.

Fave piece of tech?

Sound cancelling headphones. They provide quietness and help me focus more when I need.

Latest new instagram you’ve followed that inspires you?

Image Title

I’ve followed the #styleframe which is a Hashtag and not a channel but I get lots of really cool and broad inspirational content.

What have you worked on recently that you are proud of?

Image Title

I really enjoyed getting stuck in to The Contractors title sequence. The deadline was incredibly tight for this but we were given full creative control, which enabled us to design and create something we felt would work as exciting introduction to this pilot. Of course, we would have loved to have more time to really craft each frame, but I’m really proud of end result.

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