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Input/Output by Terri Timely and Park Pictures Transforms the mundane into the surreal

20 October 2015

Vimeo Staff Pick delights audiences with visual surprises and cinematic sleight of hand.

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“Input/Output is a visual version of the game of Telephone in which a series of ordinary actions produce unexpected outcomes.

At its core, this piece intends to appeal to the viewer with very simple and relatable visual ideas; similar to a science fair combined with a magic show set in the not too distant future.”

Terri Timely are always coming up with visual ideas for music videos or commercial projects and sometimes they start to see common themes. Input Output was one where they kept being drawn to the idea of everyday actions (turning on a light switch, changing the station on a TV, squeezing tooth paste, etc) having unexpected results.

Terri Timely is a Californian based directing duo otherwise known as Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey who tend to gravitate towards doing as much in camera as possible, rather than post production, in all their work. “There isn’t really one specific technique in the film other than all the effects are primarily created in-camera. The biggest challenge was getting all of the in-camera effects to actually work. Each scene required quite a bit of testing and problem solving” they admit.

Directing together since 2003, Terri Timely previously created an interactive installation for the Scion Art Gallery based on their film Synesthesia which premiered at the Guggenheim Museum. They are hoping to create an interactive experience with Input/Output.

Terri Timely won the 2015 Cannes Lions Grand Prix for their pre roll digital campaign for Geico Insurance created by The Martin Agency. They are represented by Park Pictures.

Frankie Singler
+44 (0) 203 327 3040
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A Terri Timely and Park Pictures Production

Production Designer: Jona Tochet
In-Camera Special Effects and Prop Master: Aaron Pearce
Art Director: Garrett Lowe
Art Dept: Jacquelyn Scott
Art Dept:Ethan Caflisch
Art Coordinator: Ayesha Janmohamed
Director of photography: Donavan Sell
Gaffer: Joe Mendoza
Key Grip: J. Carlos Lopez
Additional photography: Dean Snodgrass
2nd AC and DIT: Rory Brennan Grip Electrics: Rick Perrada, Andy Haney, Kiva Knight, Tutu Lee, Chris Fountain, Jared Tabayoyon, Jason Shepherd, Jonathan James
Sound Design: Rich Bologna
Music: Fall On Your Sword
Wardrobe: Annie Simerman
Casting Director: Gregg Cohen
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman- Bisbee
Line Producer: David Lambert
Production Manager: Krista Ruet
Production Coordinator: Lucia Pier
PA: Josh Reed
PA: Seth Copper
Assistant Director: Michael Macdonald
Craft Service and Catering: Diane Harrell

CAST in order of appearance

Little Girl turning on light: Cassidy Blair
Dog with Cone: Sheriff
Man squeezing toothpaste: Garrett Lowe
Woman drinking milk shake: Kasia Krasnopolska
Woman turning on ceiling fan: Kristine Gerolaga
Man pumping volleyball: Blaze Stronghold
Man hammering: Glen Caspillo
Woman turning lazy Susan: Mari Kearney
Man calling on blue tooth: Joseph Davidson
Man communicating telepathically: Ivan Span

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Head of Talent, UK

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Frankie Singler
+44 (0)203 327 3040

Executive Producer, UK

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Stephen Brierley