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Introducing Flying Glass, The Aerial Filming Company

16 May 2018

Introducing Flying Glass - the UK and Europe’s first and most experienced remote aerial filming company able to fly the full range of large format, digital cinema cameras. We are super-heavy lift specialists, offering unique services for film, TV and commercials. We can fly the largest camera packages, including zoom lenses, weighing up to an amazing 10kg. This opens up incredible new creative opportunities for flying cameras and lenses previously only flown on a full-sized helicopter.

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The 10kg payload allows us to fly the Alexa 65, Panavision DXL, Alexa LF, Sony Venice, and Phantom Flex 4K cameras, as well as the usual lightweight offerings from Sony, Arri and RED. Add the biggest anamorphic, prime and zoom lenses, with full FIZ control and stable up to 120mm and this capability allows us to carry the right payload for whatever the mission requires.

Safety is paramount and the aircraft has multiple safety features including twin flight controllers, twin battery systems and a parachute. These features, as well as our unique operating procedures, means that Flying Glass was granted a unique CAA exemption to fly this huge 40kg aircraft, day and night in congested areas, with just 20m separation from the public.

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Flying Glass employs highly experienced pilots. They are all CAA accredited and selected based on their experience and ability to work professionally and safely in a production environment. They all have a background in piloting remote controlled aircraft, such as model helicopters (which don’t have the GPS and automatic systems that make flying a drone comparatively easy) so their skill levels are higher than the average pilot. Flying comes naturally to them, bringing the ability to think quickly and instinctively in the event of a problem.

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