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Jake Dypka wins second Prize at the 2012 Young Directors Award

27 June 2012

Last Thursday, 21st June, at the Espace Miramar in Cannes the very best in international new directorial talent was feted at the Young Directors Award 2012.

We were thrilled that Pretzel director Jake Dypka won second prize for the emotive and beautiful ‘Sammy’ in the European Branded Short film category. Filmed on a very tight budget for Network Rail, it highlights the dangers of the electrified third rail and teenagers using the railway line as a cut through. Jake says: "The film is based around two really simple concepts. Rather than trying to recreate realistic scenes like other reconstruction films, everything we see is how he recalls the events, making things far more fractured and dream-like. The images that we see over the interview are there to represent what he is recalling in his mind as he tells the story." This combination of documentary and acted sequences makes it truly individual and elevates the interview into a very special piece of work. The result was when the film was shown in Cannes you could hear a pin drop.



YDA and cfp-e president Francois Chilot announced the winners from countries across Europe and the world including Australia, Japan, USA and South America. The films were whittled down from 350 entries to a shortlist of 51 European and non-European. Only first and second prize were shown during the event.

The recognition for Jake’s film is all the more significant as Pretzel mentors young directors. We rejected the traditional agenting model as it stifles and mishandles talent and we take on each director full time. We believe this is model is unique in the UK.

Title: Sammy
Director: Jake Dypka
Production Company: Pretzel Films
Producer: Tom Ford
Director of photography: Dom Bartels
Creative Director: Mark McKenna
Product: Community Safety Campaign – Network Rail

Contact Name
Sam LeGassick
020 7580 9595