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Jamie O’Donnell Promoted to Editor at Cut+Run

07 March 2017

Rising star Jamie O’Donnell has been with Cut+Run for six years. Now, the London-based edit house is delighted to announce his promotion to editor. Jamie has established himself as a dynamic, exceptionally talented and sought-after editor in the music video industry. After a progressively busy and productive year, he is bringing that same versatility to the commercial world, with work for River Island, Vogue, Zalando and Cadbury.

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Growing up in a small town in Australia’s Hunter Valley, Jamie first discovered his love of editing while in university. Despite studying psychology, he found himself drawn to the film projects his friends in media studies were working on and often provided his own input while hanging out in the editing room. “I started off by editing some of their scripts,” says Jamie, “and developed a love for figuring out what wasn’t working and how I could help make it work” – a talent which would naturally transfer to his work as an editor.

Cut+Run editor and partner, James Rose, says of Jamie, “He’s come on quickly and developed a real sense of balance and control in his work. He knows when to hold back or when to push the edit – I’m excited to see him move forward.” Jamie has brought that balance and control, along with a natural sense of rhythm, to his editing work on music videos. With promos for Years & Years, Seramic, Roisin Murphy and Jax Jones, he’s demonstrated a flair for cutting offbeat, untraditional choreography – a talent developed with friends in university, perhaps, performing, filming and cutting homemade music videos for their favorite artists. A key influence, Jamie sees music videos as a welcome space to collaborate, as well as a productive means of challenging oneself to get creative on a smaller budget.

“Jamie has progressed to the role of Editor with quiet, yet assured confidence,” adds Cut+Run’s managing director, Toby Abbott. “Not only does he possess a natural storytelling ability, but he has an incredible ability to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere in which to cut.” Cut+Run is proud to showcase much of Jamie’s work on the promos and content section of their website and continues to nurture the best young editorial talent in the industry.

Click here to view some of Jamie’s work.